Thanks for coming over from Instagram!

It means a lot that you'd come and browse my website after seeing some of my work on Instagram - so, thank you!

I began street photography in 2019 after seeing some videos by Sean Tucker (highly recommended viewing) - I've been a professional photographer since around 2007 with a background in commercial and event photography and worked with some major clients along the way.

My honeymoon to New York this year made me want to shoot on the streets more regularly, I find that getting out on the streets to shoot is so refreshing, it makes you look at the world in a different way - you look for details, light and shadows while you wait for that perfect shot to come together.

You'll find my best bits here, but in much better resolution than on Instagram - and if there's a shot you really love, I do have prints available with a full online shop coming soon! 

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- C.S Lewis