Welcome to another adventure.

23 September 19

The good thing about street photography, is that it's always there. You don't have to wait for a certain time or date to go and shoot and you don't need accreditation or a press pass - just go and shoot, you're free!

Welcome to the new blog! This is a brand new venture for me - and one which I'm really enjoying. As a photographer, my background is in commercial and events photography, which I still love and do on a daily basis. My interest in street photography started growing in the early months of 2019 while I researched my honeymoon in America (New York, Orlando and Clearwater Beach) ...it was the perfect way to start married life.

I initially started hunting out places to visit and spots to photograph so that we'd have some cool honeymoon shots to frame on our walls at home, naturally this led me towards street photography. It wasn't long before I stumbled across some videos by a photographer named Sean Tucker. If you've never seen any of his videos, they're more than worth a watch - I'm certainly not the only one who has found inspiration here. Watch this trailer and decide for yourself...

This site is currently very much work in progress, and a fair bit of what you see in Collections has been taken from my previous work shooting at events. I've always found that photographing events, especially the way I approach music festival photography produces imagery that can easily drop into the street photography genre.

As a newbie to the street photography scene, I'm learning all the time by sharing, reading, joining groups and photo walks to share ideas with similar minded people. It's going to be a journey to define a style for myself and I'll be out there looking for inspiration from all walks of life.

Thanks for stopping by, Will